Pressure Cleaning Service Tips on Washing Brick

Most houses today come with some kind of brick features, like fireplaces, patios, stairs and siding. Often, masons seal the bricks using a special sealer, which makes them easier to keep clean. Cleaning brick which is not sealed calls for more time and effort on the part of the home or business owners.

Cleaning brick which was previously sealed can be as easy as mopping or vacuuming your floor. You can vacuum your interior brick whilst vacuuming your floors, simply put your vacuum to hard floor mode, or just use the attachments. When you are mopping your floors, you can mop the brick also. When you notice dirt on the brick, clean it using a mild detergent, warm water, and a scrub brush.

Brick which is not sealed will be more difficult to clean, however, still not impossible to do. Brick fireplaces were popular features in several houses. When you are getting a fireplace built, remember to ask them to seal it also. Should you already have a fireplace, and it is not sealed, there are a few solutions you can use which will remove soot easily.

Cleaning exterior brick means using a power washer. When it comes to cleaning brick veneer siding, remember to put the power washer to a setting under 1000PSI. Use plain water, spray the veneer all over, when cleaning patio bricks, spray it with a pressure washer, start from the edge which is closest to the house and work your way outwards.

When cleaning patios and brick veneer siding which are extremely dirty or stained, you can call in a professional pressure cleaning service to do the job for you or try an industrial brick cleaning solution. This is available at many home supply stores, simply follow the manufacturer instructions for using your power washer. Set your pressure washer less than 400PSI, and clean the brick the same way as we described above.

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