Deck Cleaning Service Tips on How to Choose the Best Cleaner

When it comes to choosing the best deck cleaner, in addition to the method of cleaning, it all comes down to a matter of personal opinion. For ease, effectiveness, environmentally friendly, and surface protection, oxygen bleach it a good solution. The proper use of this, however, it quite time-consuming when compared with, for example, pressure or power washing, but most deck cleaning service professionals swear by it.

Pressure washing, when done poorly, can damage the decks surface, especially when it is made out of wood. Pressure washing can dislodge pieces of wood, which means your deck could end up looking worse than it was, to begin with. Even with pressure washing, it is often necessary to use some type of chemical cleaner in order to properly remove stubborn dirt and stains.

Oxygen bleach is comprised mostly of soda ash and hydrogen peroxide. It comes in powder form and will need to be mixed with warm water. As with every product, the quality of different brands varies greatly. Normally, the more expensive a brand of deck cleaner is, the more active ingredients it has. So you should always find out the how much ingredients it has before you make a decision.

When using this product to clean your deck, you need to make sure the powder completely dissolves first. So you will need to stir the mixture for approximately 5 minutes to make sure the solution has dissolved completely. When it is done correctly, you should see a thin film of bubbles on the surface of the mixture.

Pour the mixture on a section of your deck, it will resemble soapy dishwater. Wait around 5 to let the solution penetrate, then, with the aid of a scrub brush, scrub that area thoroughly. This should be done on all of the deck.

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